None of organizations are spared in today’s VUCA world. Competition is increasing, and there is a greater chance of differentiation, as long as it is quickly acted upon to identify the opportunities offered by changes each day. Organizations are facing the uncertain, and every day they are more exposed to new and complete challenges. We believe that technology should not effort people and take their precious time and focus. Instead, people should work less effort and more productive. Thus, Technology at its simplest is the answer.

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Aldhira Technologies

Aldhira Technologies is consulting & technology solution company and currently operating in Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Aldhira Technologies provides a range of services in strategy, consulting, technology, and operations. Aldhira Technologies comes with agility and technology at its simplest to tackle your biggest challange worth solving.

Product & Services


We provide consulting to organizations in executing digital transformation strategy by figuring out the right problem to be solved, the right solution to be built, and the right customer to be served. You hand the keys over and let us drive or collaborate to strengthen your internal talent’s ability to innovate and drive the strategy.

Digital Development

Digital transformation accelerates business activities and processes to fully leverage opportunities in a strategic way. We ensure these transformations align with and deliver business outcomes. We are here to support your organization to fully make this comes true.

Staff on Demand

We provide staff on demand service in various IT skill set and bring to the table to make your organization agile, cost-effective, functional, flexible, and fresh, bring in the diversity of ideas, intelligence, and innovations.

People Development

We help your best assets, which is employee, to grow and raise above the crowd by providing a wide range of training from communication skills, analytical skills, leadership skills, and other professional skills based on specific client’s need. 

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